Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking is an extremely space effective way of storing pallets for a well organised warehouse.  It operates on a “first in” “last out” (FILO) basis.

Each pallet is loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers at differing heights, and is then is pushed further back into the lane by subsequent deposits. Inclined steel guide channels ensure the pallets are kept in place to fully utilise the depth of each aisle.

This clever design means optimal use of the warehouse’s cubic space capacity, which is extremely cost-effective when compared to purchasing additional storage floor space. In other words, by utilising the height of our Push Back Pallet Racking systems, your customers can make big savings in terms of both space and cost.

Items in this racking system are easily accessed via material handling equipment, such as forklifts or scissor lifts, and are available in first-in, last-out order. This limits selectivity to a degree, with each product having its own dedicated lane, but is absolutely ideal for storing bulk stock and helps streamline operations.

Pallets are stored up to four deep and after one has been removed, the remaining pallets roll forward for easier access at the picking face next time round.

All-in-all this is a dynamic, space and cost-effective storage solution that will help your customers get more from their storage space.


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