Pallet Shuttle is a high density storage system. It operates within a rack structure and is similar to drive in. This system uses a remote controlled, semi-automatic, moving platform to place and retrieve pallets. This cost effective solution reduces the risk of damage to the rack by removing the need for the forklift truck to enter the rack.
The Pallet Shuttle System is ideal for warehouses storing goods with a bulk stock profile and is suitable for a wide range of temperatures. This high density solution can significantly reduce the size of a warehouse required and ultimately cut running costs.



Different pallet types can be used together and located at varying distances between each pallet. Storage lanes can be in excess of 50m in length making the Pallet Shuttle System one of the most efficient bulk storage solutions compared to alternative pallet racking configurations.
The key benefits of our Shuttle solution are;

  • 130% more storage capacity than traditional pallet racking
  • Suitable for all forklift truck types
  • Handles pallets up to 1500kg
  • Can be used in LIFO and FIFO operations



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